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“When you hear Lorin speak, his sincerity is compelling. You want to achieve something meaningful. Not because he did it and he's blind, but because he convinces you that anyone can accomplish great things.”

Orvon Gough - Australian documentary and film maker
Lorin’s performance, with his poignant message and endearing wit, not to mention the spellbinding guitar work, was the perfect way to close our inaugural conference. People are still talking about it several months later. He is a true professional, and we look forward to being associated with him again in the future.

John Adams - Organising Committee, National Indigenous Educators’ Conference
Lorin Nicholson is not only a man with vision! He is a man of true commitment, courage, humility and determination to overcome his disability and to not let anything get in the way of his dreams and goals. His inspirational story is told in a very honest, humorous and entertaining way that captured the heart and mind of everyone in the audience, challenging us to make the most of our own lives and empowering us with the vision to achieve it, no matter the odds against you!! 

Peter Annis-Brown - Executive Officer, Northern Inland Academy of Sport.
Lorin Nicholson is fast becoming one of Australia’s pre-eminent entertainers and motivational speakers. He has an imposing and unforgettable presence, and a musical ability that has attracted the genuine acclaim of critical experts. But more than that, Lorin is a decent bloke who personifies life's ideals, and unfailingly gifts an audience with something that is very special - an example of using the gifts that each of us has been given.
He is a real talent, and an inspiration that lives life-long with all those with whom he comes in contact. He tells each of us "Don't die with the music in you'.

Tony Koch - Chief Reporter (Qld), The Australian Newspaper
When you hear Lorin speak, his sincerity is compelling. You want to achieve something meaningful. Not because he did it and he's blind, but because he convinces you that anyone can accomplish great things.

Orvon GoughAustralian documentary and film maker
Some people have a true gift that is matched by intellect and empathy.
Lorin Nicholson uses every part of his nature. It is what makes him a compelling storyteller.
Once you are walking in his shoes a lot of new thoughts open up. We are able to contemplate aspects of our own nature with a fresh honesty. We see the light.
Lorin's courage in overcoming so many challenges and his eternal good temper make the lessons so much more valuable. I watched young and old people following every word, dwelling
on the values he was sharing with us. Set this storytelling to music, with that gifted guitar playing and his true virtuosity, and you have a performance that is wonderfully original. No, better than that,
Lorin Nicholson is a memorable human being.

Jeff McMullen, Journalist, author, film maker.
Imagine walking onto a stage in front of 15000 people.
Its just you and your guitar.
As the time draws near the sound of the audience turns to silence.
The time has come and as he plays you can feel the emotion.
The stadium fills with acceptance, hope and love....and there is a time when nothing else matters.
I know because I saw it.
Lorin Nicholson is truly an inspiration.

Adrian Dellevergin - Executive Producer/Director, NINE NETWORK AUSTRALIA
Lorin is one of the most talented and versatile speakers and entertainers I have ever worked with. He came to NZ as an ambassador for the White Ribbon Day campaign and provided motivational presentations to groups ranging from corporate executives to school children and male perpetrators of family violence.
Lorins message of overcoming life’s obstacles was highly motivating to the groups of men convicted of violent offences and many of them expressed their heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the opportunity to hear him speak and perform. His ability to inspire others to reach their potential, despite their challenges, is outstanding.
All his presentations for the campaign were a powerful and uplifting experience for everyone involved.

Julie Pullman - Services Manager, Hamilton Abuse Intervension Project NZ
To use Ian “Molly Meldrum’s” catchphrase – “Do yourself a favour” – Get a hold of one of Lorin Nicholson’s guitar CD’s or go see him perform live – You won’t be disappointed... He is a formidable guitarist who has overcome his blindness to produce some great music.

Kate Halliday - Producer, Nine network Australia
We want to thank you Lorin, for the inspiring, fun, spirited, music-filled presentation you skilfully delivered to a high-octane group of top-performing Olive Garden General Managers and South Texas Region Director of operations.
At the onset of your presentation, you successfully set the stage for what was to follow with your Aussie accent and humour. However, more importantly, you successfully connected immediately with this hard to please group by captivating our spirit with your energised rendition of Classical Gas and subsequently captured our minds with your impassioned overcoming lifes obstacles with your life’s learned lessons.

Included in your biography was your incredible solo two and a half day marathon bike ride from your home at a young age, over one of the steepest mountain passes in Australia, ending with what amounted to an unexpected but very much deserved heros welcome at the quaint beach front town of Port Macquarie. What an inspiring story of courage, faith, discipline and perseverance of some one who is legally blind!
Your comments on leadership success were surgically interwoven with personal stories and experiences accentuated with well placed humour and song.
Thankyou for weaving our Olive Garden purpose, hospitaliano, and seven principles into your striving for excellence comments.

I share the sentiments of all the managers of the South Texas Region, by saying we were all inspired and energised by your remarks and would love to have you back in Texas! More especially I would recommend sharing your talents with all Olive Garden management – executive, operationsand administrative at some future gathering. Thank you again!

Kris Lundeen - General Manager, Olive Garden San Antonio Texas USA
It truly was inspirational hearing just a small part of Lorin’s extraordinary life. We found ourselves talking almost the entire journey home of his speech and the passion he has for life is simply amazing!
It really does make you sit back and make some adjustments in your life. It is also the only thing that we have mentioned to our staff since returning. I guess the impact of his talk made a lot of other things seem insignificant. We will certainly be requesting that Lorin address our staff in the near future.
Thank you once again for introducing us to such an inspiring individual

Keith and Richelle Stirrat - Franchisees, SSS BBQ Barn Lake Munmorah
Having known Lorin for many years, we were amazed at how much more we learned about his strength of character, that has got him to where he is today. He is very inspirational and we can certainly understand why his popularity as a motivational and inspirational speaker has grown in the last few years.
We would certainly love to have him speak to our staff – If it can effect even one of them in a positive way, then it will be worth it! Not just our company at a business level, but an inspiration to our younger staff at a personal level too. It also amazes me how humble he is in his success.
His life is proof that anything can be done if you believe in yourself!

Jarrod and Maree Phoo - Franchisees, SSS BBQ Barn Coffs Harbour
We found your talk absolutely amazing and your music is simply the icing on the cake. It is a credit to you, what you have achieved and I must admit that if anyone walked away uninspired, or without a different thought pattern, I would be highly amazed.
This is certainly a special talent or calling of which you should be ultra proud. It takes a fare bit to move me and I must say that you touched on some very relevant material that suited our seminar to the nth degree. Our franchisees have not stopped talking about how much they got out of the presentation, which is exactly what we were looking for!

Graham and Marlene Manvell - Franchisors, SSS BBQ Barn Australia
ACDC Multi Media has been an institution in the music industry for the past 25 years and produces thousands of titles annually from all manner of industries.
Lorin Nicholson has been a valued client of ACDC Multi media for almost ten years now and continues to be our highest selling independent artist. Lorin’s exceptional CD sales are a true testament to his extraordinary abilities as a musician. His contribution to the music industry is well known and continues to be an inspiration to musicians and fans Australia wide.

Paul Barton - Business Manager, ACDC Multi Media
I am a lucky person!
It is not often in one’s life that we can meet a fellow human with the ability to influence us. Lorin Nicholson has this profound ability!
I was lucky enough to secure Lorin (who had just finished cycling from Tamworth to Port Macquarie the evening before) to address my staff at our morning meeting. Not having met Lorin, I did not know what to expect. After introducing Lorin, I joined my staff and for the next thirty minutes we listened to this wonderful blind man inspire us all to work as a team and see beyond ourselves. My staff and I feel privileged to have spent thirty minutes with Lorin Nicholson – A blind man with real vision!
We, the management, and staff at Justin Hall The Good Guys, would like to thank Lorin and his team for taking the time to influence and inspire us.

Wayne Clayton - General Manager, Justin Hall The Good Guys, Port Macquarie
Once again, our sincere thanks and appreciation for your excellent presentation. You've got many of our staff talking in the office and every comment was extremely positive. You obviously have a real talent to move people.

Rachael Florent - PA to Executive Manager, Southern Cross Care (Vic)
This would have to be one of the best inspirational speakers I have been to. It was really something different. I loved that Lorin played his music for us and kept his speech entertaining and invited the audience to participate.

Melanie Seeto - Trilby Misso Lawyers
I thought the presentation was brilliant! It really made me think of what we have to be greatful for. Lorin is a wonderful person and to get up on stage like he did to tell us about his life and experiences is truly inspirational.

Natasha Smith - Trilby Misso Lawyers
I loved listening to Lorin. It's always a great time for reflection when you hear about the amazing accomplishments of people who have some type of disability when so many of us who have no disabilities at all haven't pushed ourselves to do anything significant. It's easy to take life for granted! I also now have a new favourite saying - Say what you mean, mean what you say and don't be mean when you say it. Something for everyone to live by.

Katrina Haynes - Trilby Misso Lawyers
Thanks again for your wonderful contribution to our event. I know you were a highlight for many and an inspiration to all. We’ll definitely have you back!

Karen Collins - Aged and Disability Development Officer, Tweed Shire Council
I had the honour of listening to you play and speak at the JBS event this weekend and I just wanted to say thank you, you were incredibly humbling and
inspiring. And as my kids would say, your guitar playing rocked.

Mark Buckland, Process Improvement Manager at Primo Smallgoods
JBS definitely chose the right person. You're truly amazing! Keep inspiring!

Ken Palafox, JBS Australia
We’ve had many celebrity speakers address our organisation over the years and I don’t know how we will ever find another one to top Lorin’s amazing performance and keynote.

Robert McCann General Manager, Patron Finance
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