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Inspired by Lorin

Lorin Nicholson is… one of Australia’s preeminent entertainers and motivational speakers.

He is a real talent, and an inspiration that lives life-long with all those with whom he comes in contact.

Tony Koch, The Australian Newspaper

Empowering Others With The Vision To Succeed.

Lorin has the extraordinary ability to communicate, teach and connect people of all ages and executive status with success and higher achievement. With a lifetime of experience dealing with blindness, his approach to motivational speaking is unique, original and fresh. From a position of presumed weakness, he skilfully juxtaposes the sharing of inspirational insights and profound messages with entertainment, storytelling, audience engagement and humour.

Over 4000 Keynote Addresses.

He is a living example of how real success is achieved, at a personal, academic and corporate level, with an authentically powerful delivery style, surgically interlaced with clear tips and strategies that are guaranteed to inspire success and higher achievement.

From the boardroom to the classroom, Lorin’s keynote speeches and seminars empower, motivate and inspire individuals and organisations with fresh perspective, ideas, skills and strategies necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world of ever increasing challenges and the constant pressure to perform.

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Be Inspired By Lorin.

As Lorin says, “the greatest mountain you will ever climb in life is the mountain inside yourself”.

Lorin’s Achievements

Successful Businessman • Record Breaking Cyclist • Award-Winning Musician • Best Selling Author • Experienced Health Professional • Powerful Keynote Speaker • Order of Australia Medal Recipient