Connecting Students of All Ages with Success

Connecting Students of All Ages with Success

Our students were taken on a journey of courage and determination, integrity of spirit and respect for others to which they responded with resounding enthusiasm and appreciation. Your visit has left a lasting mark on the fabric of our school and I sincerely appreciate this gift to us.

Linda Munns, Principal, Trinity North High School SA

Over 1,500 schools and more than 1 million students around Australia have now experienced Lorin’s life changing workshops and motivational performances.

Lorin Nicholson’s motivational performances and ‘Climb Your Own Mountain’ leadership program, have a proven track record of changing attitudes and outcomes both in and out of the classroom.

His presentations are packed with anecdotes and powerful messages that are guaranteed to improve:

  • Positive Behaviour for Learning
  • Resilience & Mental Well-being
  • Anti-bullying & Respect
  • Leadership & Responsibility
  • Personal Commitment & Higher Achievement.

Real Messages And Real Results

As a highly accomplished blind person, Lorin’s inspirational performances and workshops are extremely engaging and authentic, as he shares with students his clear method of success through practical demonstrations, audience interaction and powerful life experiences, interlaced with segments of virtuoso acoustic guitar playing.

Each session has been designed to immediately connect students of all ages from Prep to Year 12 with higher achievement and is delivered in such a way that will empower each individual with simple strategies and concepts they can immediately apply to their own lives.

Real Messages And Real Results

Programs And Workshops

Student Motivational Performance

1. Student Motivational Performance

Lorin’s show gave our students more to contemplate in one hour, than I could ever give them in my classroom.

Danny Freeman – St Peter’s NSW

Lorin’s ‘Climb Your Own Mountain’ motivational performance is an engaging mix of powerful life experiences, audience interaction and practical demonstrations interlaced with segments of virtuoso acoustic guitar playing.

Key messages:

  • Positive behaviour for learning,
  • Building resilience,
  • Respect, inclusion and anti-bullying.
  • Overcoming personal challenges and adversity
‘Climb Your Own Mountain’ Student Leadership Program

2. ‘Climb Your Own Mountain’ Student Leadership Program

Lorin offers a highly-innovative full-day leadership program, specifically designed for senior primary and secondary students. This power packed day includes the following four sessions;

• ‘Climb Your Own Mountain’ – a one hour motivational performance
• ’10 Keys for Personal Leadership’ workshop
• ‘Lord Of The Rings’ & ‘Tough Mudda’ interactive leadership and team-building activities
• ‘Climb Your Own Mountain’ workshop – A personal strategy for a lifetime of success

Each person will experience and learn firsthand how to increase their own confidence, initiative, resilience, maturity and responsibility, as well as develop greater empathy, communication, conflict resolution and problem solving skills. Students will also learn and connect with the one critical key that leads to success or failure in their own lives.

When I first received Lorin’s information, I thought wow, if this guy is half as good as this, he’ll definitely be worth getting in to speak to our staff and students. Lorin you totally exceeded our expectations. You were even better than the promotional write up.

Bevan Ripp – principal and 40 year educator, Singleton PS WA

I saw your show today and I was absolutely spellbound! I walked out a changed man!

Scott – student from Victoria

  • Full-day workshop
  • Year Level: Year 5 to Year 12 – Tailored to suit.
  • Group size: 40-100 (with some flexibility)
Music Masterclass

3. Music Masterclass

All your keen musicians will be inspired to take their music to the next level, after an up-close-and-personal session with Lorin, as he reveals some of the key secrets to becoming a nationally successful musician, performer and recording artist.

  • 30-60 min masterclass for music students
  •  Year Level: Year 3 to Year 12 – Tailored to suit.
  • Group size: 10-50 (with flexibility)
Staff Professional Development Sessions

4. Staff Professional Development Sessions

Lorin’s ‘A Vision For The Future – Leave No Student Behind’ session inspires your staff to;

  • Reignite and enhance commitment, passion and job satisfaction
  • Build greater resilience, collegiality & optimism among staff
  • Cut to the core of what is and how to become an outstanding educator
  • Instil a genuine desire & capacity to make a real difference in the lives of every student, from mainstream right through to those with disability, challenges or at high risk.

With Lorin’s 40 years of experience faced with disability, he is able to offer valuable perspective, practical advice and solutions that will greatly assist your staff, as they comply with Every School Every Student (ESES) in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

  • Suitable for executive, teaching and support staff.
  • 30-40 min staff PD session in conjunction with Student Performances
  • 60 min keynote for Professional Learning days & Education Conferences
  • Customised workshops are also available

You enriched my life and my work.

Jenny Ryan, Principal Beecroft Public School

Customised Workshops

5. Customised Workshops

Lorin is able to provide additional smaller workshops and PD sessions on a variety of leadership, public speaking and communication, disability-special needs, personal and collaborative achievement topics.  These sessions often build upon the messages already given in Lorin’s primary motivational sessions.

  • Suitable for students or executive, teaching and support staff.
  • 30-60 min Masterclasses tailored to suit the request.
  • Ideal as follow-on session from Student Motivational Performances
Educational Conferences

6. Educational Conferences

Lorin is regularly invited to be the keynote speaker at many regional, state and national education conferences with outstanding feedback from principals, exec staff, teachers and support staff alike. Also see Lorin’s corporate page [Link] for more information.

  • 60 min Keynote address tailored to the audience and conference theme.

Lorin’s performance, with his poignant message and endearing wit, not to mention the spellbinding guitar work, was the perfect way to close our inaugural conference. People are still talking about it several months later. He is a true professional, and we look forward to being associated with him again in the future.

John Adams,  National Indigenous Educators’ Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Minimum And Maximum Audience Sizes?

Lorin is a truly inspirational and consummate performer and delivers a stunning performance, regardless of whether it’s 10, or 10,000 people. Although from his vast experience in schools, we find the ideal audience size is 200-500 students, as it creates a more spontaneous and relaxed performance atmosphere and an inspirational event for all in attendance.

Smaller schools are also welcome to participate, on their own, or as part of a cluster of schools.  Minimum fees may apply.

Will The Performance Be Suitable For All Ages, Especially Our Kindergarten And Prep Kids?
Lorin has now performed to over a million students including thousands of kindergarten and prep students and we have never had a class walk out yet because of restlessness. Because of Lorin’s captivating delivery style and constant mix of activities through the performance, younger students are always just as attentive at the end of the hour as they were at the beginning. Lorin tailors his sessions to suit the developmental needs of each student group.
Can Lorin Tailor His Performance To Meet Our School Core Values?
Yes definitely! Lorin is a highly experienced and incredibly versatile speaker and captivates audiences of any age, by adapting his presentation style, audience engagement and core messages to suit any school values and objectives. We strongly suggest that your in-school performance coordinator speak directly with Lorin’s team, regarding your specific need and focus.
Will This Just Be A One-Off Event, Or Do You Provide Support Materials To Ensure A Positive And Lasting Outcome Into The Future?

Student Motivational Perforce – We have found that schools gain greater mileage out of the natural teacher-student reflection and discussion following Lorin’s visit. (No booklets provided)

Leadership Program – Each student and staff member will receive their own personal workbook as part of the ‘Climb Your Own Mountain’ Leadership Workshops. This includes a number of optional ideas and resources for teachers to follow up with students throughout the year.

What Is Your Bump In / Bump Out Time?

Lorin normally arrives 30-40 minutes prior to the performance to check in at the front office. Set up and pack up only takes 15-20 minutes before and after.

Does Lorin And His Assistant Have The Appropriate Approvals For Working With Children And Vaccination?
Yes, on both counts. We can provide this provide to our arrival or at check in on the day.
Do We Need To Provide Or Set Anything Up For The Performance?
Lorin usually comes prepared with all his own sound gear, wireless mics and props, thus making it a quick and easy set up on the day. A small desk and chair for his assistant is normally all we require. Lorin generally stands on the floor in front of the stage, to be up close and personal with his audience, unless it’s a very large audience seated in chairs, where he will then move on to the stage for better audience vision. He may also require a microphone XLR plug (DI out) which can be plugged into your school PA to bolster the sound for large groups and venues.
Do We Need To Pay A Deposit?
No deposit is required. A confirmation email/calendar invite will be sent to you outlining date, session times and fee. Acceptance of this invitation will confirm your booking.

You will be issued an invoice on or just after the day of the performance.