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Testimonials - Primary Schools

I highly recommend Lorin’s presentation as suitable for students from P-12, as his performance covers a range of educational and personal development outcomes which everyone is sure to benefit from

Glenn McGowan - Mountain Creek State School, Qld

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Testimonials - Secondary School

My students have been raving about how wonderful the assembly and the workshop was which you presented for them. I wanted to say thank you for inspiring so many of our students and for helping them to realise that with lots of hard work and dedication they can achieve great things. They all have such a positive vibe at the moment and your visit certainly helped to motivate and excite our students.
Thanks again and congratulations on your work.

Louise Skelton, Music Coordinator, Trinity College Gawler SA

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Testimonials - Educators

Lorin’s performance, with his poignant message and endearing wit, not to mention the spellbinding guitar work, was the perfect way to close our inaugural conference. People are still talking about it several months later. He is a true professional, and we look forward to being associated with him again in
the future.

John Adams - Organising Committee, National Indigenous Educators’ Conference

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Primary School Testimonials

You will stand there and shake your head at what you are both seeing and, more astoundingly, hearing. 'See Sharp' - Mr Lorin Nicholson - had the audience, ranging from Prep through to year 7, totally engrossed in what he had to both say and perform. Throughout the show a multitude of aspects, such as those of people with disabilities, those who are different, and the overall power of what you can do with determination and perseverance, were covered and brought brilliantly to life with the outright talent played before us. From a musical perspective itself, the guitar work was incredible along with the feeling shown by Lorin throughout his performance. If you have the opportunity, don't just take your children to see it - see it yourself!

Cameron Hart - Music Teacher, St Bernard State School Qld
Lorin's visit to our school was a combination of brilliant musicianship and the delivery of some powerful messages relating to determination, resilience and self esteem. All of our students from Prep to Year 6 sat transfixed for the entire performance. A wonderful school performance.

Lorraine Lease - Music Specialist, Bunyip Primary School, Vic
Lorin Nicholson's performance was awesome. Our entire school community was abuzz after hearing him perform and listening to the inspirational messages he shared with us. It was positive for our children to be able to reflect on these messages of hope and self determination within the classroom. We highly recommend his performance to any primary or secondary school.

Danielle Priday - Deputy PrincipalCarina State School, Qld
I am writing to tell you how wonderful your session with the students was. I have never seen our school of 320 students sit so still and listen so attentively. While we might not have performed so well with Waltzing Matilda (over half of our students are from Non English Speaking Background), their admiration of your guitar playing and determination in life was truly inspirational.
When I took the phone call from your father-in-law and organised the event I was really excited and organised for all staff to be present. You have so much to offer and certainly get your message across so well. The impact you are able to have through your presentations will be life changing for many students around Australia and we are fortunate to have had the opportunity of your visit.
You inspired all present and students and staff were still talking about you for days after the session. I purchased the CD's and love all of them.
Keep up your wonderful work and I hope to have the opportunity to experience another of your presentations in the future.

Cheryl Jaeschke - Finance, Admin Officer, Pennington Primary School
Your performance was fantastic! Your life is a testimony of one who has risen above your circumstances to proclaim a message that resounds in the ears of others. Your dogged determination to experience life to the full in spite of your having no sight says so much
about your character, choices and source of strength. Thank you for touching so many lives with your simple message of "never giving up".

Roslyn Drury - Deputy Principal, Beecroft Public School NSW
The staff and students of the Bowen State Primary School were extremely fortunate to experience Lorin Nicholson’s musical journey. His outstanding talent with the guitar and the inspirational stories of his journey through life combine to render a powerful and uplifting performance. How wonderful it would be if children all over the world could enjoy the Lorin experience! Lorin, please return to Bowen.

Susan Wright, Teacher, Bowen State Primary School, Qld
Thank you so much for your amazing performance at our school this morning. You have such a gift for connecting with people not only through your music but also through your messages of determination, empathy and acceptance of others.
The staff and students spoke of nothing but the performance all day.

Kari Morphy, Teacher, Marlborough State School, Qld
The students and staff at South Perth Primary School were extremely fortunate to be able to experience Lorin Nicholson's unbelievable guitar playing and listen to his positive messages. The rapport which Lorin established with 400 PP-year 7 students, staff and community members was truly inspirational. While at South Perth Primary Lorin also conducted a motivational workshop with staff which was empowering and emotional and reaffirmed the values of honesty, fairness and mutual respect. Without doubt this is one of the very best in-school visiting performances we have had at our school.

Garry Hewitt, Principal, South Perth Primary School, WA
Brilliant! Every child was mesmerized by Lorin's guitar playing and tales of his life experiences. They are still talking about the performance and listening to the CD's. What a success!!

Di Milich, Music Teacher, Strathfieldsaye Primary, Bendigo, Vic
Our students were absolutely amazed by the skill shown by Lorin in his performance, and how he never gave up in his endeavours. He inspired the students to try their best no matter what. I have been playing guitar myself for about 17 years, but I felt like a novice watching the way Lorin entertained us all. I feel that he has inspired a new generation of potential musicians. No matter the age, everyone can benefit from what Lorin says and portrays.

Basil Epiha, Teacher, Merrimac State School, Gold Coast, Qld
The performance by Lorin Nicholson for our Primary aged students was an inspirationally and musically uplifting experience. Lorin used appropriate vocabulary, visual aids, and student involvement during the performance. Not only is Lorin an exceptional musician and composer, but he also shared with the audience stories of how he had coped and won in life despite his disability. Many a heart was touched by Lorin’s experiences as he told us stories which we will remember for a long time to come. The students continue to talk about him and to work keenly on the materials provided. I cannot more highly recommend this show. Do not miss it!

Gillian Whitaker, Music Coordinator, PLC Junior School, Vic
Lorin has proved to be an inspirational role model for our students. The students, staff and parents were astounded with Lorin’s guitar performance. Lorin spoke with modesty and sincerity about his disability and his life experiences. Many of our children are now more accepting of both their own and others’ unique personal traits. This is a must see performance and will have a profound influence on the lives of our students.

Andrew Parry, Principal, Clunes Primary School, Vic
We recently had a visit from a performer called Lorin Nicholson. Lorin is not only a talented and versatile performer, but an unbelievably talented guitarist who has been a Golden Guitar finalist. He also happens to have been born legally blind and progressively lost his sight since he was four years old.
Lorin simply mesmerised our students from P-7 with a mixture of music and a unique ability to tell his story which is one of..... No matter what, never give up..... If you try hard enough you will succeed.....Everyone has a few mountains to climb in their life..... You need to set yourself a goal and just do it.
I highly recommend Lorin’s presentation as suitable for students from P-12, as his performance covers a range of educational and personal development outcomes which everyone is sure to benefit from. If you would like to know more, feel free to give me a call.

Glenn McGowan, Principal, Mountain Creek State School, Qld
It has been an extraordinary day for our school. Lorin really connected with the kids. He related his life journey through exceptional music and frank, open discussion at a level to which the children could relate. I commend his performance to anyone wishing to break down barriers, and for inspiration for students and teachers alike.

Craig Thorne, Deputy Principal, Boronia Heights State School, Qld
Lorin, you have amazing talent. The children and I left your performance in awe of your abilities and achievements. I absolutely had to purchase your CDs and I will be playing them as soon as I get back to my classroom.

Selena Roberts, Year 7 Teacher, Boronia Heights State School, Qld
Great music and great messages!!!

Jim O'Leary, Principal, Robina State School, Qld
What an inspiration you are!!! I was one of the teachers who attended your presentation at Harbord Public School today. I was blown away by your performance (especially after spending many of my formative years watching Tommy and Phil Emmanuel, Mark Knoppfler and many other guitar greats in pubs, concerts etc).
I know you inspired many children today. I think your performance for schools is fantastic! Also a special Thank You for playing some of "The Man from Snowy River". I found it spine-chilling. Thank you, thank you, thank you to you and your team.

Nicole Herrmann, Teacher, Harbord Public School NSW
Lorin quickly established a rapport with the students through his contemporary music and his natural conversation with the audience. His sense of timing was spot on - knowing when it was time to play and when it was time to speak. His skill with the guitar and his ability to deliver his message of empathy and respect made his presentation a positive experience for everyone. The students were mesmerised by Lorin - as can be measured by the number of them who wanted to find out more about him after the presentation.

Stephen Green, Principal, Bassendean Primary, WA
Just a few lines to let you know that our staff felt the performance by Lorin Nicholson was inspirational and insightful. Inspirational in that it totally captivated the children for the whole time of the performance and insightful in that as Lorin went through some of the life experiences he has had as a person with very impaired vision, the sincerity in his presentation drew the children into the world of the visually impaired and gave them an understanding of what a person with his disability has to deal with.

Robert Prew, Deputy Principal, Guildford Primary School
SEE SHARP is a performance that every student must see.
Lorin Nicholson's outstanding talent with the guitar enables him to capture audiences of any age. More importantly though, Lorin presents a profound message about acceptance of difference and belief in self, and relates his own experiences to wonderful effect.
A truly enjoyable and powerful performance.

Jeff Hay, Principal, Annandale State School, Townsville Qld
I found SEE SHARP one of the most inspiring & impressive performances I've seen in over thirty years of teaching. Lorin Nicholson's presentation was well-planned and captivated both children and teachers for an hour. We were enthralled!

Carmel Ceglar, Teacher, Roselea Public School, Sydney NSW
Lorin Nicholson had an amazing message for our students. He used his gift of music to inspire our students and staff to recognize the uniqueness in us all and to accept the differences in others. His program was the best program I have ever seen in my 35 years in education. He shared his musical talent and taught a message at the same time. He really related to the children and kept the students of all ages engaged during the entire program.

Cathy Taylor, Principal, McCall Elementary School, Plano, Texas, USA
Thank you for joining us at Mathews Elementary this Fall. The children really enjoyed your stories and the lively performance and the parents and teachers certainly appreciated the valuable lessons you provided to our children.

Jan Leach, VP Programs, Mathews Elementary, Plano, Texas USA
Everyone loved the See Sharp performance with Mr. Nicholson and his dad! Teachers and students both have commented on what an incredible message they heard and the fabulous guitar playing by Lorin had the students mesmerized. The stories and lessons he shared tied in nicely with our previous programs this year, and hopefully and prayerfully, our students will apply what they learned to their own lives. Thank you for coming to Rice Elementary in Tyler, Texas!

Diane Carnes, Counselor, Rice Elementary
Thank you! It was life-changing to have Lorin and his father John here in Tyler.

Nancy Satterfield, PTA President, All Saints School, Tyler Texas USA
Thank you for the wonderful musical performance today! More importantly, thank you for inspiring all of us with your determination and strength. Your message touched all in attendance, teachers and children alike . As Montessorians, we strive to find the unique gifts in every child and you are a role model for encouraging children to try hard and not let obstacles keep them from their dreams. I appreciate the time you took to listen to the children and answer their questions. You really connected with them. I hope you can visit us again in the future.

Susan Dendinger, Principal, Pebblecreek Montessori Elementary School, Plano, Texas, USA
Lorin Nicholson recently performed at our school and our students were enchanted by his artistry and his message about the empowerment of the individual. He related well to all our students from year one to year seven and his performance was lively and engaging throughout. Lorin is an excellent musician and a lively public speaker and children relate well to him. I am pleased to recommend Lorin to my teaching colleagues.

Greg Wilkes, Principal, Mt Archer State School, Rockhampton Qld
It's been a long time since I've heard teachers comment so enthusiastically about a school performance of this type. That says a lot!

Gillian Begbie, Principal, Roselea Public School, Sydney NSW
Thank you so much for your wonderful performance today. The music was amazing but the message you gave to all of us was very special. I have been teaching at St Mary's for 12 years and have always tried to instil in the children that if they believe in themselves anything is possible. You are a living example of this and we will always remember your visit.

Robyn Bourne, Year 3 teacher, St Mary's School, North Rockhampton Qld
Lorin appealed on so many levels. He entertained us with his music and inspired us with his stories. He was very down to earth and related well to the kids and adults there. Stories about his life were inspiring and encouraged the kids to follow their dreams no matter what their peers or others may think. By involving the children he really got the message across. I had tingles up my spine.

Theresa Mitchell, Assistant Principal, St Joseph's School, Tamworth West NSW
Lorin Nicholson's show "See Sharp" is a fantastic combination of guitar playing and information about coping with blindness. It is one of the most worthwhile and stunning shows for school children that I have seen! Lorin's guitar skills, playing a wide range of musical styles, is superb. He mixes his music with great stories and practical activities connected with growing up legally blind. If your school has the opportunity to book this show - grab it! It's sensational!

Maretta Wood, Teacher, Clarence/Coffs Harbour NSW

Really great. Kept the children's interest the whole time - great involvement.

Loved the music! Children were very interested as it was aimed at their level.

The children truly enjoyed it as it was informative, entertaining and relative to their experiences. I personally loved Hotel California...... fantastic!

Karyn C, Kristine Booth, Marjorie Foster - Staff at Calliope State School
I'd like to pass on my thanks and congratulations for such a wonderful performance.
The quality of the music and the variety of styles were outstanding and very entertaining.
The life stories that were told were a real motivator for the students and adults alike. One student in particular stated, "It doesn't matter who you are or what abilities you're born with. As long as you work hard and try your best you can achieve anything."

S Folker, Year 5 Teacher, Torquay State School Vic
Thank you so much for your visit last week. I've had some great discussions with each class about relating to people with disabilities and making the most of their lives. You are a great role model and inspiration, Lorin, and I'm so grateful for your input into our school children.

Linda Weatherhead, Music Teacher, Silkstone State School Ipswich Qld
Thank you Lorin for your remarkable presentation. Your music and stories illustrate the essence of what we try to teach our students through our “You Can Do It” approach to success and well-being. The effect on students and staff was outstanding. We’ll have you back, please. 

Dr Rob Steventon, Principal, Madison Park Primary School SA
Each of our vision support students all came away positive about the future, having heard your story of every day achievements.... Likewise you inspired all of our sighted students to think about all people a little differently. Actually the adult feedback was fabulous too!
We would employ you any day as a teacher... your crowd control impressed even experienced teachers of more than twenty years.
Many many thanks for the lessons learned, the experiences shared and the fabulous entertainment.

Donna Linton-Keane, Vision Support Teacher, DET: North Coast Region NSW
Initially I was captivated by Lorin’s guitar playing as were all the students. Here was a very talented musician. As he then accompanied his music with messages about bullying and doing your best, we were all spellbound. His story about riding his bicycle 275 km was a very powerful message that anything is possible and not to rely on other people but challenge yourself.  Wonderful and moving.

Tim Douglas, Principal, Caulfield Junior College Vic
See Sharp presented by Lorin Nicholson, is a programme that will inspire, motivate and support every student who has ever had to deal with harassment, a disability or significant challenge.

Peter Scragg, President, South Australian Primary Schools Music Society, Principal, Flagstaff Hill R-7 School
Thank you so much for sharing your music and life stories with the Rosebud school community. You have inspired much discussion amongst the students and staff, as each class continue to reflect upon the thoughts provoked throughout your presentation. Even my hard to impress staff were full of positive feedback!

Malcolm BoagHead of music – Rosebud Primary School VIC
I am very disappointed that I wasn't able to hear Lorin's presentation, however, every member of staff I spoke with afterwards was glowing in their praise, as were the students. I have a daughter in Year 1 who told me all about Lorin and his many achievements that evening. Can I send our thanks and appreciation back to Lorin, he is truly an inspirational man, who has left a significant mark on Wagga Wagga Public School. If he is ever this way again, we would be honoured to host another visit. Thank you for your organisation!

Leanne HarveyRelieving Principal - Wagga Wagga Public School NSW

Testimonials - Secondary Scools

Lorin Nicholson is a speaker and performer par excellence. During his recent visit to Tyndale Christian School he held our senior students spellbound.
With self deprecating humour and a fascinating story to tell, Lorin’s style and presence commanded attention throughout a performance laced with brilliant
solo bursts of classical guitar. Lorin’s story of his life-long battle to overcome visual disability would have gained empathy of itself yet it was unnecessary, as the outstanding quality of his guitar work totally captivated the audience. At the end Lorin deservedly received a standing ovation, a rarity in a school assembly.

Grant Moore, Head of Senior School, Tyndale Christian School Salisbury East SA
Thank you so much for what is without doubt the most motivational and potentially life changing presentation I have ever witnessed. You could hear a pin drop in our hall and you could see student minds contemplating your incredible musicianship and your amazing life story. My deepest thanks. As educators we spend a large amount of our lives attempting to motivate students and to instill in them a sense of perseverance and motivation. Your show gave them more to contemplate in one hour than I could ever give them in my classroom. You are truly an incredible human being. Any school who passes up an opportunity to have you perform is a school that is 'missing out'. Musicians and non-musicians alike were gobsmacked. Wow!

Danny Freeman, Director of Music, St. Peter's Anglican College, Broulee, NSW
The impact of your timeless message of valuing and respecting the gifts of each individual left an indelible imprint on our young people. We heard from your own personal journey that despite the ‘mountains’ we at times may have to climb, whether it be emotionally, physically or professionally and the temptation at times to stop ‘half way’, through determination never to give up we can achieve our goals. This empowering message resonated throughout the student body and amongst the staff who had the privilege of hearing you speak later in the day. Your lyrical expertise on the guitar provided a universal language that reached each of us in an unforgettable way.
Our students were taken on a journey of courage and determination, integrity of spirit and respect for others to which they responded with resounding enthusiasm and appreciation. Your visit has left a lasting mark on the fabric of our school and I sincerely appreciate this gift to us.

Linda Munns, Principal, Trinity North High School SA
We invited Lorin to speak to our Prefect elect group during a leadership camp with the hope that his message and accomplishments would strike a chord with our boys.
The boys listened to Lorin with an intensity that was amazing. At the conclusion of the presentation Lorin was swamped with questions about his life growing up. During sessions after Lorin's presentation he was continually quoted when discussions arose regarding aspects of School development.
The attending staff were so impressed with Lorin, as a man, presenter and performer, we immediately invited him to be a part of the School's professional development program.

John Newcomb, Head of Senior School), Anglican Church Grammar School Brisbane Qld
I saw your show today and I was absolutely spellbound.
I was blown away by your musical magic with the acoustic guitar.
Thank you so much for telling your story. I walked out a changed man.

Scott, student, Sale College, Vic
My students have been raving about how wonderful the assembly and the workshop was which you presented for them. I wanted to say thank you for inspiring so many of our students and for helping them to realise that with lots of hard work and dedication they can achieve great things. They all have such a positive vibe at the moment and your visit certainly helped to motivate and excite our students.
Thanks again and congratulations on your work.

Louise Skelton, Music Coordinator, Trinity College Gawler SA
We had a full school assembly this morning, ranging from Year 7 to Year 12 and it is the first time I have never had to ask anyone to be quiet or to pay attention. Our students are always well behaved and respectful but this morning was quite amazing. There was a genuine sense of interest and respect shown by the students and Lorin’s message and his talent shone through. Lorin's music workshop afterward was attended by over 30 students who would have stayed all day to hear and watch Lorin and his message about the importance of consistency and the musicality they can develop in their playing.
Our senior students in particular and the staff who attended have been thankful for the experience. They are truly in awe of his skills.
Best wishes for the future.

Ros Mattner, Music Coordinator, St Francis de Sales College Adelaide SA
On Thursday 24th of May (2007) the Box Forest community (students, teachers and also some Glenroy Primary School students) enjoyed an amazing performance from the blind guitarist, Lorin Nicholson. The combination of brilliant musicianship and the message that we can overcome major challenges in life made this a unique performance. As well as appreciating the music our students held on to every word Lorin had to say. Lorin also stayed after the main presentation to do a music workshop with interested students until four o'clock, which was rather generous of him. Overall, this was a one-of-a-kind unforgettable concert.

Gerry Canale, Music Coordinator, Box Forest College, Vic
Thank you for coming and performing at our school yesterday. My son who is in Year 9 attended your performance. After he got home from school he phoned me, which is something he tries not to do whilst I am at work; but he was so excited about his day at school he couldn't wait. He was in awe of your achievements, especially your bike ride. He was also very impressed with the range of music that you played. His first thoughts when he was told that they were going to listen to a guitarist was that it would be country and western and he thought... boring; however this wasn’t the case. Last night during dinner he was very talkative about the things that you had accomplished and the music that you played.
I also was able to attend for a short period of time. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, especially the way you involved the children. You are certainly an inspiration on how things can be achieved if you only give it a try. Well done and again, thank you.

Judy Cleverley, PA to the Head of Bayview, Mentone Grammar School, Vic
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your performance at my school today. It was really amazing. I loved all the songs you played and you've inspired me to take my guitar playing to the next level. But you've also done more than inspire me to play more, you've given me a better perspective on life. I hope the rest of your performances go well, and all the best for the future.

Nathan, Student, Mentone Grammar School, Vic
Lorin Nicholson captured the attention of our students both with his outstanding guitar playing and his storytelling. The feedback from our students was all positive. Lorin has an understated country style of delivery that our students found very appealing.

Brian Morrow, Principal, Mullauna Secondary College, Vic
By a skilful mixing of music and story, Lorin was able to enhance the school's commitment to working together and saying NO to bullying. Despite working in the difficult environment of a multipurpose shelter on a very hot February day, he was able to keep the focus of all the students for the entire session.

Gordon Kerr, Principal, Morayfield State High School Qld
A truly memorable day for our school! The students and staff were buzzing for days afterwards. We loved your performance- we loved your message- and we'd certainly love to have you back again.

Paul Alliston, Principal, Inverell High School (NSW)
Lorin Nicholson performed to the assembled school, to four year groups and to our guitar specialists. He was wonderful. He is modest and warm and he gives a very simple message but gives it very well. He came recommended by a staff member, and he did not disappoint. He had his audiences enthralled.

Peter Freitag, Deputy Head, Scotch College, Perth WA
Lorin Nicholson gave our students an incredible insight into what can be achieved despite his lack of vision. He was inspirational and students were captivated by his stories, success and humour as well as his extraordinary talent. He has left a lasting impression on many of our students, and staff and students are enjoying his CD's immensely. We hope that he can visit us again very soon.

Jenny Hutton, Marketing and Development, The Hamilton and Alexandra College, Victoria
Lorin Nicholson recently performed at Muirfield High School before a group of approximately 500 students. Our students found his excellent and well organised performance both engaging and interesting. One student commented later that he found the performance so inspiring that he was motivated to pick up his guitar and start playing again. Other students were impressed by Lorin's story and learned that even with a disability they could accomplish anything they set out to achieve. Lorin's workshop with our music students was also a great success and our music teacher was impressed with the advice he passed on to them. I can commend Lorin's enjoyable performance as a thoroughly worthwhile welfare experience as well as an entertaining musical event for students.

Ian Beasley, Deputy Principal, Muirfield High School, Sydney NSW
Lorin ran a session on discrimination and life experiences. He was very well received and swamped by students at the end. We would hope to have Lorin at the school again.

Peter Rainey, Deputy Principal, The King's School, Parramatta NSW
Mr. Nicholson was at Schimelpfenig in early May this year (2006). He did a wonderful job in engaging all of our student body-all 950 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. He was able to effectively engage not only the students but our staff as well. Musically, Mr. Nicholson is very talented and our students really liked the music. But it was the message that really made an impact. After his performance, it was difficult to get the students to go to class as they wanted to talk to him personally. His is an entertaining program with a meaningful message.

Olga Sanchez-Grosscup, Principal, Schimelpfenig Middle School, Plano, Texas, USA
After seeing the performance by Mr Nicholson at Moura State High School it was the topic for conversation many weeks afterwards. Some say his songs even brought a tear to the eye.

Year 11 studentAssumption College (Warwick,Qld)
The day concluded with an inspiring performance by Lorin Nicholson, a young musician with profound visual impairment. Lorin entertained us with some amazing work on acoustic and steel string guitars, covering a range of music from Classical to R & B to Country Rock. He interspersed his presentation by telling stories, answering questions about what it was like for him growing up with a disability, what inspired him to become such a gifted guitarist, and his personal struggle to attain goals in his life. We were inspired to hear that Lorin has recorded his own CD's, played sport and completed marathon rides on his mountain bike.

Julie Allen (AP - Mission), Mt Alvernia College, Newsletter Article
Lorin’s visit yesterday was a fantastic success and worked like clockwork. He had the students captivated from the word go and his performance reached both
students and staff on many levels. Many teachers have spoken to me and commented on how well the students responded to his message and how meaningful the
day was. Some were just blown away by the music, others by his demonstrations and student involvement and others by the simple but important message he
delivered. Impressive also was his willingness to meet the students, shake hands with them and spend time talking with them on a one to one basis. This
meant a great deal to many of those who met him.
Thanks again for a great day!

Janet ConradFairhills High School.
I'm sure that Lorin already knows our school's feelings regarding his recent visit. Lorin
and his father John were approached by numerous students following both performances, where numerous students expressed their appreciation. Could you please pass on our deepest thanks for a timely and refreshing presentation. Staff overwhelmingly commented on Lorin's uncomplicated message that held the audiences totally captivated.
The combination of first hand experiences in over-coming adversity and the resilience and strength to set himself personal challenges and the simply superb musicianship can only be described as outstanding.
Wagga Wagga High School would certainly welcome Lorin to talk to all of our students again.
Did I mention his guitar work was mesmerising!!!
Thank you so very much for bringing this incredible person into our lives.

Greg HodgesDeputy Principal - Wagga Wagga High School NSW
It was our pleasure to host Lorin and John at MAHS. Both inspirational men. The staff and students all responded very positively to Lorin's talents, his inspirational stories and the messages conveyed in regard to bullying and "reaching ones dreams". They were so appropriate for our students. Students and staff alike, were in ore of Lorin's achievements. He is a fabulous role model. I wish Lorin and John all the best for their future endeavours and may they continue to enlighten youth and adult audiences with his "See Sharp presentations" throughout Australia and chosen parts of the globe. We are also extremely grateful to the Australian Rules Club for sponsoring the program.
Thank you!

Fay Mowbray, Deputy Principal - Mount Austin High School, Wagga Wagga NSW
Lorin Nicholson strikes a chord with his audiences through a frank and honest reflection on his life experiences and what it is like to grow up with a significant disability. Lorin’s presentation is both entertaining and thought provoking and provides an opportunity for the audience to reflect on perseverance, resilience and passion as key skills to success in life. A key message from Lorin is that the driving motivation to achieve has to come from within ourselves. Lorin has certainly done that!
I thoroughly recommend Lorin Nicholson’s See Sharp presentation to your staff and students.

Richard JenningsPrincipal, Hunter School of the Performing Arts NSW
Lorin is an extremely engaging motivational speaker who we regularly invite to present to our Middle and Senior School students, as well as professional development sessions for staff.
“Sir, I thought he was amazing and that was before I realised he was blind!”, were the first words uttered by a Year 9 boy to me as he entered my class shortly after attending Lorin’s session this year. Praise indeed from a member of an age group often hard to please.

Arthur Kelly, Deputy Principal - The Rockhampton Grammar School QLD


Testimonials for educators

Thank you so much for your inspirational workshops at our school today. Our staff were moved to tears by your beautiful music and your stories of overcoming adversity as a blind child in school, through the support of your family and through sheer persistence. It reminded us all of why we are here as teachers, to make a difference in the lives of others, and you managed to do this powerfully in just half an hour. I had many teachers tell me that this was the best staff session we have ever had in our school. Equally as powerful were your presentations to the students and the workshops for our musicians. What a wonderful way to kick off our Anti-bullying lessons with your message about looking after each other.

Janet Boocock - Assistant Principal, Newport Public School NSW
Sometimes as we go through life we experience something extraordinary and special. It might be someone we meet, or someone who does us a kind favour. Today I had the privilege of meeting you and your father. You both stirred something inside me (and in all my staff I hasten to say). You enriched my life and my work. I thank you for sharing your life with all of us today.

Jenny Ryan - Principal, Beecroft Public School, NSW
Lorin’s performance, with his poignant message and endearing wit, not to mention the spellbinding guitar work, was the perfect way to close our inaugural conference. People are still talking about it several months later. He is a true professional, and we look forward to being associated with him again in
the future.

John Adams - Organising Committee, National Indigenous Educators’ Conference
Thank you Lorin for your remarkable presentation. Your music and stories illustrate the essence of what we try to teach our students through our “You Can Do It” approach to success and well-being. The effect on students and staff was outstanding. We’ll have you back, please

Dr Rob Steventon - Principal, Madison Park Primary School SA
Once again, our sincere thanks and appreciation for your excellent presentation. You've got many of our staff talking in the office and every comment was extremely positive. You obviously have a real talent to move people.

Rachael Florent - PA to Executive Manager, Southern Cross Care (Vic)
Lorin Nicholson is fast becoming one of Australia’s pre-eminent entertainers and motivational speakers.
He has an imposing and unforgettable presence, and a musical ability that has attracted the genuine acclaim of critical experts. But more than that, Lorin is a decent bloke who personifies life's ideals, and unfailingly gifts an audience with something that is very special - an example of using the gifts that each of us has been given.
He is a real talent, and an inspiration that lives life-long with all those with whom he comes in contact. He tells each of us "Don't die with the music in you''.

Tony Koch - Chief Reporter (Qld), The Australian Newspaper
When you hear Lorin speak, his sincerity is compelling. You want to achieve something meaningful. Not because he did it and he's blind, but because he convinces you that anyone can accomplish great things.

Orvon GoughAustralian documentary and film maker
Some people have a true gift that is matched by intellect and empathy.
Lorin Nicholson uses every part of his nature. It is what makes him a compelling storyteller.
Once you are walking in his shoes a lot of new thoughts open up. We are able to contemplate aspects of our own nature with a fresh honesty. We see the light.
Lorin's courage in overcoming so many challenges and his eternal good temper make the lessons so much more valuable. I watched young and old people following every word, dwelling
on the values he was sharing with us. Set this storytelling to music, with that gifted guitar playing and his true virtuosity, and you have a performance that is wonderfully original. No, better than that,
Lorin Nicholson is a memorable human being.

Jeff McMullen, Journalist, author, film maker.
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