New Student Leadership Program

Lorin now offers a new highly innovative full day leadership program, specifically designed for senior primary students and high school leadership groups. This power packed day includes the following four sessions;

  • Lorin’s highly acclaimed one hour “Climb Your Own Mountain” motivational performance
  • 10 keys to self leadership workshop
  • Lord Of The Rings & Tough Mudda interactive leadership building activities
  • Climb Your Own Mountain – A personal strategy for a lifetime of success

Each person will experience and learn firsthand how to increase their own confidence, initiative, resilience, maturity and responsibility, as well as develop greater empathy, communication, conflict resolution and problem solving skills. Students will also learn and connect with the one critical key that leads to success or failure in their own lives.

The power and impact of Lorin’s messages and program must be witnessed to be believed!

When I first received Lorin's information, I thought wow, if this guy is half as good as this, he'll definitely be worth getting in to speak to our staff and students. Lorin you totally exceeded our expectations. You were even better than the promotional write up.

Bevan Ripp - principal and 40 year educator, Singleton PS WA
Lorin’s show gave our students more to contemplate in one hour, than I could ever give them in my classroom.

Danny Freeman - St Peter's NSW
I saw your show today and I was absolutely spellbound! I walked out a changed man!

Scott - student from Victoria
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