The greatest mountain we climb in life, is the mountain inside ourselves

Lorin Nicholson

Over 1,400 schools and 1 million students around Australia have now experienced Lorin's life changing workshops and motivational performances.

Lorin Nicholson's motivational "Climb Your Own Mountain" performance and workshops, has a proven track record of changing attitudes and outcomes both in and out of the classroom.

His award-winning curriculum based performance is packed with anecdotes and powerful messages that are guaranteed to improve:

Positive Behaviour for Learning
Resilience & Mental Well-being
Anti-bullying & Respect
Leadership & Responsibility
Personal Commitment & Higher Achievement

and has a strong link with You Can Do It, Kids Matter and Mind Matters programs.

Expect REAL MESSAGES and REAL RESULTS that will have an impact on your entire school community, as Lorin’s messages and stories become the topic of discussion for weeks and even months after the event. 

As a highly accomplished blind person, Lorin’s inspirational performances and workshops are extremely engaging and authentic, as he shares with students his clear method of success through practical demonstrations, audience interaction and powerful life experiences, interlaced with segments of virtuoso acoustic guitar playing. 

Each session has been designed to immediately connect students of all ages from Prep to Year 12 with higher achievement and is delivered in such a way that will empower each individual with simple strategies and concepts they can immediately apply to their own lives.  

New Student Leadership Program

Lorin now offers a new highly innovative full day leadership program, specifically designed for senior primary students and high school leadership groups. This power packed day includes the following four sessions;

  • Lorin’s highly acclaimed one hour “Climb Your Own Mountain” motivational performance
  • 10 keys to self leadership workshop
  • Lord Of The Rings & Tough Mudda interactive leadership building activities
  • Climb Your Own Mountain – A personal strategy for a lifetime of success

Each person will experience and learn firsthand how to increase their own confidence, initiative, resilience, maturity and responsibility, as well as develop greater empathy, communication, conflict resolution and problem solving skills. Students will also learn and connect with the one critical key that leads to success or failure in their own lives.

The power and impact of Lorin’s messages and program must be witnessed to be believed!

When I first received Lorin's information, I thought wow, if this guy is half as good as this, he'll definitely be worth getting in to speak to our staff and students. Lorin you totally exceeded our expectations. You were even better than the promotional write up.

Bevan Ripp - principal and 40 year educator, Singleton PS WA
Lorin’s show gave our students more to contemplate in one hour, than I could ever give them in my classroom.

Danny Freeman - St Peter's NSW
I saw your show today and I was absolutely spellbound! I walked out a changed man!

Scott - student from Victoria

 Lorin's highly motivational staff PD session titled “A Vision For The Future - Leave no student behind” is also guaranteed to;

  • Reignite and enhance commitment, passion and job satisfaction
  • Build greater resilience, collegiality & optimism among staff
  • Cut to the core of what is and how to become an outstanding educator
  • Instil a genuine desire & capacity to make a real difference in the lives of every student, from mainstream right through to those with disability, challenges or at high risk.

You enriched my life and my work. 

Jenny Ryan,  Principal Beecroft Public School

With Lorin’s 40 years of experience faced with disability, he is able to offer valuable perspective, practical advice and solutions that will greatly assist your staff, as they comply with Every School Every Student (ESES) in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Suitable for executive, teaching and support staff.

•  30-40 min staff PD session in conjunction with Student Performances

•  60 min keynote for Professional Learning days & Education Conferences

•  Customised workshops are also available

Lorin’s performance, with his poignant message and endearing wit, not to mention the spellbinding guitar work, was the perfect way to close our inaugural conference. People are still talking about it several months later. He is a true professional, and we look forward to being associated with him again in the future.

John Adams,  National Indigenous Educators’ Conference


See our Education FAQs for more information or contact Lorin to make a booking.

Lorin is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker for Education Conference, Professional Learning days and corporate events.

Motivational Performance

Lorin's main performance is an engaging mix of powerful life experiences, audience interaction and practical demonstrations interlaced with segments of virtuoso acoustic guitar playing.

• 50-60 minute student session

Student Leadership Full-day Program

Empower and inspire your student leadership team, as Lorin shares additional leadership messages that will build greater confidence, initiative, communication and problem solving skills.

• Leadership groups of 40-100 students

Music Masterclass

All your keen musicians will be inspired to take their music to the next level, after an up close and personal session with Lorin, as he gives away some of the key secrets to becoming a nationally successful musician, performer and recording artist.

• 30-40 min session for music students

Staff Professional Development

Workshops & Keynotes can be customised to your staff professional learning focus.


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