The Amazing Bike Ride - a true story

The Amazing Bike Ride - a true story

by Lorin Nicholson.  Illustrated by David Emerson

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The Amazing Bike Ride is the real life account of the seemingly impossible ride Lorin undertook as a 16-year-old school student from Tamworth to Port Macquarie. In just three days, a legally blind boy rode his trusty old mountain bike solo 275km across some of the steepest mountains in Australia - the Great Dividing Range. This amazing story of courage and perseverance has been told thousands of times by Lorin as part of the motivational presentations he makes to school students and to corporate gatherings across Australia - and around the world.

Both children and adults alike will be captivated and inspired by this incredible true story. Who knows? Reading it could even change your life.

Available in the following:
A5 Small Book - Soft Cover
A3 Big Book - Soft Cover
Guided Reading Set - 8 small books & 1 big book
Class Set - 30 small books & 1 big book

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